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Our Story

NOONST is inspired by the First Sight of the First Snow.
For the first time in her life, the founder experienced the life-long unforgettable first snow in South Korea, which sparked the birth of NOONST. 

NOON is the word "SNOW & EYE" in Korean, while “ST” is a symbol signifying "first time". Together, NOONST is a sign for “FIRST SNOW & FIRST SIGHT”. Meaning at NOONST, we strive to drive the excitement and joyfulness of our customers as though they are seeing the first snow, and to have you fall in love with our brand at first sight.

We create Daily Elegant, Exquisite and Unique jewelry designs that can not only reveal the beauty and confidence inside you, but also empower you to shine.

All products are made from premium diamonds, forged with the purest form of silver or gold, and created for you with the finest and heartfelt craftsmanship.



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